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Andrew Milner

Andrew Milner was born in Leeds and lived in Pudsey until moving to the East coast in September 2007 where he has lived with his family ever since. He has three children aged 24, 18 and 11.

During his youth he was in a number of bands playing guitar and singing vocals. He also wrote songs for most of the bands. He called it a day due to family commitments and needed another hobby, and so decided to start writing books to keep his brain active. The first book "A Far Reaching Dream" was completed and then left in a drawer until Lodge Books published it in January 2013.
The second book which is a sequel to A Far Reaching Dream is called 'THE HIDDEN PATH HOME' and is available now on Amazon. Both books are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats or on Andrew's website where you can contact the Author direct. Andrew combines his writing with working full time.
Card School, Andrew's third book is available from Lodge Books and will be available from Amazon late October 2014.
Card School
Title Card School
Genre Drama
Pages 170
Formats available Paperback £6.50
Cover design Lodge Books
Published September 2014
Dimensions: 20.6 x 14.6 x 1.6 cm
ISBN-13: 978-1-326-02298-3
A boarding school is not always the first choice for parents or children but Michael Dawson did not have the luxury of choice. At ten years of age he had to deal with the loss of both parents who had been abroad on a church mission. He never had the chance to say goodbye only see you later. He believed when they went, they would return, but they didn't. Not only having to contend with the biggest loss known to a child he was thrust into the full time guardianship of his uncaring Auntie who he had been staying with but only until his parents came back. Now they were not coming back his future had to be decided.
Saint Sebastian's Academy for Young Men is a boarding school on the North Yorkshire moors which prides itself on the creation of the next generation of gentlemen who will make names for themselves in the world outside. Michael finds himself at ten years old standing in the doorway of the building he didn't even recognise as a school. With Auntie gone without even a goodbye he tries hard to accept his fate but with great hardship and after sleepless nights and bed wetted sheets he knows he has to pull himself together. He forms a close friendship with a fellow pupil and becomes an enemy of another. After a crunching tackle on the rugby field, a game he has no idea how to play he believes his parents have come to take him home. His heart breaks for a second time when reality hits home that it had all been a dream. Michael senses that the school hides a dark secret, one which reveals itself to him in part, yet punishes him for being truthful.
Aware that he can only trust himself, he sets out to unravel the answers and find questions to fit. He has no intention of getting too close but ends up being in the direct firing line.
When all hope is lost, the person he expects least of all to be there comes to the rescue, but is it all too little too late?.
The Hidden Path Home
Title The Hidden Path Home
Genre Drama
Pages 154
Formats available Paperback £5.99 and Kindle £2.05
Cover design Lodge Books, Andrew Milner, Freda Joan Sidaravicius
Published January 2014
Dimensions: 21 x 14.8 x 0.8 cm
ISBN-10: 1291668918
ISBN-13: 978-1291668919
Pete had returned from what he called a trip away, that not many people ever come back from, and had formed himself a new life. At work he meets Sam, the most beautiful woman he has seen, since his ex girlfriend Kate was in his life, and they fall in love.
However, it's not long before Pete starts to have similar dreams to the ones that haunted Kate and right up until the wedding day she is in the background reminding Pete that she is there. As Pete walks through the doors of the room where the marriage is to be, nothing prepares him for the sight that awaits him.
His trauma is only just beginning and ultimately he realises, that by putting pieces together in his mind, he has to choose which direction his future will take.
A Far Reaching Dream
Title A Far Reaching Dream
Genre Drama
Pages 122
Formats available Paperback £5.36 and Kindle £1.94
Cover design Lodge Books
Published January 2013
Dimensions: 20.6 x 14.6 x 1.4 cm
ISBN-10: 1291258280
ISBN-13: 978-1291258288
Kate Arlen is a beautiful young woman who has the whole of her life before her. She had been with her boyfriend for a number of years but tragically he, Pete Phillips, died in a car accident on the same night that Kate had confessed a secret to him.
Kate tries hard to get on with her life but is held back because after a period of time Pete finds a way to enter her dreams, and it's whilst in one of her dreams she realises that Pete is trying to kill her, or so she thinks.
Through another dream she finds out a family secret, something that comes back to help her later. Kate starts to find life a struggle and goes to see her Doctor. He recommends that she go to stay in a psychiatric hospital for a while just 'to rest'.
It is whilst staying in the hospital that she meets someone who, unbeknown to her, helps unravel all the answers. One of the answers she finds through the family secret, but it's not that easy. There's still time for things to go wrong.