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Annie O'Donnell
Donegal born and bred, Annie has lived in Leeds for over 40 years, although since retirement she spends several months of each year at her little house in Dungloe.
Orphaned at the age of four, she was brought up by her mother's aunt, a kindly, mature lady who cared for her the best she could.
Having worked at many and various occupations in Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and England, it wasn't until she retired after thirty-one years as canteen manager of a large factory in Leeds that she found time to commit stories to paper.
Her other hobbies include designing Irish dance wear, painting and sketching.
The Tattie Howker
Title The Tattie Howker
Genre History
Pages 233
Formats available Paperback £10
Cover design Annie O'Donnell
Published July 2014
Product Dimensions: 21 x 14.8 x 0.5 cm
ISBN-13: 978-1-291-93249-2

This is a true account of what life was really like for the tattie howker. The story tells of hardships endured by potato workers in Scotland in the 1950s and beyond. It refers to customs and beliefs, also how they lived together as one large group for the duration of the harvesting season. They were firmly at the bottom of the social scale, and often referred to sarcastically as “The Tattie Howkers.”

The story is real in that it tells of the author’s experiences working at the potato picking in Scotland during the years of her youth.