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Caron Gaske
Lodge Books first overseas author Caron Gaske lives and works in Perth, Australia.
She was motivated to write Raju, The Last Bear That Danced after becoming involved in charity work for the Free The Bears organisation based in Perth. It tells the story of the last dancing bear to be rescued and given a new life of freedom in the Bannerghatta Animal Sanctuary, India.
The book was launched to cheering children in the assembly hall at the school where Caron works.
David McGleave a well known musician in Perth also recorded a single, Raju's Song, to accompany the book and this is available from iTunes and all other online music stores.
Title Raju, The Last Bear That Danced
Genre Children's
Pages 24
Formats available Paperback (Full colour)
Cover design Terry Wilson
Published November 2013
Dimensions: 17.78 x 22.86 x 0.5 cm
Extras Free Raju bear with every book
  Raju's Song by David McGleave
All proceeds from this book go to the bears.
Raju was very unhappy because he was forced to dance by his master and the rope through his nose hurt when it was pulled.
Then he heard about a wonderful place where bears didn’t have to dance. He dreamed of going to this place. Then one day his master took him there and exchanged him for seed money.
The people here gave him the medicine he needed to make him feel better. Then they let him meet his new friends. Now he can sleep, eat and play with his friends and he thinks he is the luckiest bear in all the World.

This heartwarming story will suit children of all ages.