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Ian Gowland  
Ian Gowland

I was told by a good friend of mine (Andy Hutchinson) that I should write a book on my life and at first I just laughed at the thought, but when Andy started talking about it being something my great grandchildren could look back on, it made me pause for thought. Having previously looked into my family name and history, and thinking how brilliant it would be to have read my ancestors’ autobiography, such a record would have been invaluable to me personally. So for the benefit of my future offspring, who aren’t with us yet but by the time they are I probably won’t be, here is a little insight into my life and the lives of some of our ancestors.

I began writing the book in October 2013 and in March 2014 it was ready for publication.
The front cover shows me with my wife Jo surrounded by pictures of my ancestors. The back cover will show those who follow me, what I ate, what I paid for what I ate, how I got around (my beloved Goldwing), the house I lived in and how I communicated. I wonder what they will think of my iphone in 100 years?
Ian Gowland
In my Own Words
This book is about my family, my friends and of course, myself. It is written for all those I followed and for those who will follow me.
It includes photographs, a sample of my handwriting and my family tree.
Ian Gowland 2014