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John was born in St Saviour’s Church of England home in Northampton on 17th November 1955. His birth mother was Brenda Tarry from Paulerspury and his birth father was an American serviceman, Paul Bismarck Hammontree from Georgia. As was often the way of these things at the time, Paul disappeared back to America and left Brenda to carry him full term on her own. Times and attitudes were different over half a century ago and so John was adopted.

John’s background has been detailed in his previous books. He was brought up by his very loving adoptive parents in the overlooked city of Hull. His home was the warm, friendly community of Bilton Grange. When his working life came to an abrupt end, John decided to try to write historical novels.
Three years ago John began the search for his birth parents and was finally re-united with Brenda at a café in Towcester on 22nd September 2012. The missing pieces of both of them were finally put in place and they remain in regular contact by phone and further visits. John, having been brought up an only child, also found a younger sister Jane with her husband Neil and nieces Jade and Sophie.
Entertaining Angels was written in eight months during 2009, rewritten several times in 2010, and was finally published by Riverhead in 2011. A novel in two time strands, John returned to his love of History and in particular to the Great War for his inspiration. It was written about, and as a tribute to, ordinary people of this city.
Pilgrim was researched and written over two years and was finally published in 2013. It is the story of a lost boy who discovers a love of the past at just the right moment in his life. The story is again in two strands, one following the boy as he grows and changes. The other strand deals with the Pilgrimage of Grace using three fictional characters. The uprising took place largely in this part of the country and almost changed our history. It draws parallels between England under the austerity of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell in 1536/7 and under Cameron and Osborne’s version in 2012/13.
John can be contacted by email All comments, questions and criticisms welcome, positive or otherwise.
Title Forever Loved
Genre Drama
Pages 289
Formats available Paperback £8.95
Cover design John Grosser / Lodge Books
Published July 2014
Dimensions: 20.6 x 14.6 x 1.4 cm
ISBN-13: 978-1-291-96950-4

Do you believe in miracles?

Melanie Foster doesn’t, though she is certainly in need of one. She has been suspended by her investment bank; the Prime Minister has denounced her in Parliament for tax dodging; and her lover, Toby White, has run for the hills.
Melanie discovers an old manuscript hidden in her new apartment. It tells the true 12th century story of an unfortunate girl left in Watton Abbey; of a forbidden love; of a terrible, violent ordeal; of a great miracle.
As she reads the manuscript, Melanie relives many long forgotten, unpleasant memories of her own and meets the ghost of a boy to haunt her very soul.
Finally the manuscript reveals the truth of the beautiful miracle of Watton Abbey, but what miracle awaits for Melanie?
Can she truly be Forever Loved?