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Local Authors stocked by Lodge Books
Local Authors
Local Authors

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25 South Back Lane
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Chris Bonnett (with Mike Wilson)
Two of Chris Bonnett's great uncles are named on the town's cenotaph, along with Mike Wilson's grandfather and 332 other soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave their lives in the Great War. Chris Bonnett's book The Great War Heroes of Bridlington tells their stories.
Books: The Great War Heroes of Bridlington (with Mike Wilson)
Ann Cliff
Ann Cliff
With a degree in history and literature and a diploma from an agricultural college, Ann specialises in nineteenth century rural life in her novels. Her non-fiction books also have a flavour of the past. Ann currently lives in Australia.
Books: Poacher's Moon, Shadows on the Moon, Summer by the Sea.
Alan B Collier
In 1968 Alan B Collier, alias Sydney West, uprooted his young family from their home in Brough near Hull and boarded a Qantas flight bound for Australia. The story of their six years spent living half way round the world is told in his book Up And Down Down Under. It is a true story written with all sincerity with all the events and experience as they actually happened.
Books: Up And Down Down Under
Colin Cruddas
Colin Cruddas grew up on the Yorkshire coast during the war and, with aircraft constantly flying over, developed a keen interest in aeroplanes, the springboard for a lifetime career in the aviation industry in the UK, the USA and South Africa.
Books: A View From The Wings – 60 Years In Aviation
Trev Haymer
Inside Trevor’s Shorts is a collection of thirteen short stories by Trev Haymer, formerly of Halifax but now a Bridlington resident, and covers such themes as revenge, humour, madness and crime.
Books: Inside Trevor's Shorts, Diamond Lil and other Gems, Hamers of Wales – A Family History of Hamer/Haymers from 1632
Michael A. Horrox

Since his childhood in Leeds, Michael Horrox had never thought of any career other than being a vetinary surgeon. He qualified in Edinburgh in 1947 and started as an assistant in the Wetherby practice of Seaton Powley. This practice soon entered into partnership with the one and only practice in Harrogate. Thus, Michael Horrox experienced a truly 'mixed' practice. There were dogs, cats and all sorts of domestic pets, cattle galore, thousands of sheep up in the Dales, race horses in Wetherby and the surrounding villages and the occasional anials that came with the circus to Harrogate.

Local Authors
Local Authors

Lodge Books will be happy to stock your book. If you would like to join our local authors shelf please get in touch by email or call in.
25 South Back Lane
YO16 4EY
Kenneth Joul
Kenneth Joul, having spent much of his life in West Yorkshire, is now an active member of the Writers' Group at Bridlington Library. His first novel Legacy of the Ancients, published in 2009, has the inventive scope of high-concept science fiction combined with the breathless pace of a conspiracy action thriller
Books: Legacy of the Ancients
L. A. Hudson

L. A. Hudson worked in the mental health field for many years, gaining much of the insight that has gone into her poetry and works of fiction through her experiences.

Hudson was born in Shipley, West Yorkshire, England. She is married and has two children, who now have families of their own. She lives with her husband and teacup Yorkshire terrier in the small coastal town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire.
Richard Jones
Richard M. Jones
Richard is a researcher who has made it his life's ambition to record forgotten disasters and events lost to history. His achievements include writing the first book about the Great Gale of 1871 and placing a memorial for the Lockington victims. A serving member of the Royal Navy, he lives in Bridlington.
Books: The Great Gale, Lockington - Crash at the Crossing, The Burton Agnes Disaster.
Worlds Apart
Paul Wilson (David Diprose & Alan Keen)
Paul Wilson won a competition to have his work included in the science fiction novel Worlds Apart.
The book tells the story of a secret military project in the process of colonising a planet called Springfield. When contact with Earth is lost, the Springfielders are forced to look out for themselves. In this story about alternative worlds there are alternative endings.
Bernard R. Langton Bernard R. Langton  
Bob Naylor
Bob Naylor, an amateur musician and avid record collector, though not related became increasingly intrigued by his famous namesake and in 2010, after painstaking research, put together the life and career of the man they called the “English Tauber”.
Books: Robert Naylor - The Life and Times of a Yorkshire Tenor
A compilation of photographs, official diary records and memories.
The book which represents many years of work was completed by Bernard's daughter.
It serves as a long awaited and important addition to the history of Bridlington.
Cassandra Parkin
Cassandra Parkin was born in Hull and now lives in East Yorkshire. Her short story collection, New World Fairy Tales won the 2011 Scott Prize for short stories. The Summer We All Ran Away is her debut novel.
Twitter @cassandrajaneuk @T_S_W_A_R_A
Blog at
Books: The Summer We All Ran Away
Brian Phillipson
Beverley based, Brian is the author of a trio of books following the adventures of Swanson and Denton. He currently has a fourth work planned for this series and he also written a short story, The Eighth Deadly Sin. Pharaoh's Treasure was short listed in the USA Book News "Best Book of the Year" awards
Books: Thor's Hammer, Pharaoh's Treasure, Ares Rising, Project Genesis.
Marianne Tommsen

This is an excellent little volume that describes the trials, tribulations, pitfalls, excitement and joy of a couple who decided to start a new life and buy a home in sunny Spain. Arguments with local authorities, architects and builders were par for the course, however they happily succeeded in achieving their dream and they still believe it was all worth it. The author lived in Yorkshire for over 25 years before moving to Spain, returning to live in Bridlington in 2013.

Books: Camel Humps and Strawberries
Vicky Turrell
BIO to follow
Gayna Wallis
Gayna Wallis
In January 2014, a few loacal residents of Carnaby formed a committee called Carnaby Airfield Memorial (CAM). The aim of which is to raise funds for a memorial to be erected on the former airfield. This airfield was used as an emergency runway during World War 2 and helped to save many lives.
The proceeds of this book are being donated to the planned memorial.
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson
Mike Wilson is a well-known local author who has penned a number of books about Bridlington. Keen to extol the virtues of the town, his exhaustive research and attention to detail have produced volumes that represent an important record of its history and heritage.
Books: Colours of Bridlington, The First Bridlington Fun & Quiz Book, Bridlington Remembered, More Bridlington, Nothing More To Say (Edited by Mike Wilson), Herman Darewski, Madge Temple, We're Back in Brid.